The Beginners Updo Guide


The Beginners Updo Guide is a 3 part mini-course including:

1. Successful consultations

2. The 5 essential steps to start every updo

3. A full, step by step workshop applying skills and techniques that you can use over and over on a variety of updos.

4. Plus helpful bonuses!!

The Beginners Updo Guide walks you through the consultation, the 5 essential steps to starting every updo, and then pulls it all together in an easy to follow, step by step updo workshop. This guide will give you tools and techniques to replicate in every updo moving forward!

Course Curriculum

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Heidi Akpaette
Heidi Akpaette

Hey! I'm THRILLED that you're here. With almost 20 years in the wedding industry, I've mastered what it takes to create a successful, award winning bridal hair business. I LOVE working in the wedding industry, from the creativity I use to the flexibility it provides. I'm excited to share with you how to grow in your updo skills and create a bridal hair business that you love.

I've been able to share my wedding business advice on blogs, online spaces such as Behind the Chair, one on one consulting, mastermind groups, and podcasts. I'm ready to teach you what I know, and ultimately be a resource for you as you start this adventure in bridal hair!